An HR Audit for your business is designed to identify areas of non-compliance that could lead to costly fines and areas where your HR practices may leave you vulnerable to employee claims and lawsuits. 

Because of the multitude of employment-related laws affecting each stage of your business growth, it is extremely important for you as an employer to regularly conduct an HR analysis of your policies and practices.  An employer overlooking regulatory compliance with their HR practices could face:

  • Fines of $1,100 for any violation of the appropriate payment of OT for non-exempt employees.
  • Fines, back taxes, lost wages, and interest for misclassifying employees as independent contractors.
  • Fines up to $1,000 per employee for non-compliance with the Federal Immigration Reform Act.

While penalties such as these certainly solidify the risk of non-compliance and signify the importance of conducting HR Audits, an Audit can also ensure that policies and practices are fair and consistent across your organization and help strengthen employee retention.

Personnel File Assessment – We will examine a random sample of current employee files and determine if any necessary documents are missing or whether certain documents should be maintained separately.  

Form I-9 Assessment – We will examine a random sample of completed Form I-9s from current employees and determine whether any corrections are necessary. 

Handbook Assessment – We will review your existing Employee Handbook to ensure that your policies are compliant under state (each state where you have employees) and federal requirements and meet general HR best practice guidelines.  We will indicate where suggested policies are missing, out of compliance, are inconsistent or inaccurate, and where policy language may present a risk to your organization.  

Document Assessment – UpLevel HR Solutions will conduct a professional review of key HR documents currently in use within your organization.  Documents can include, but are not limited to, your:

  • Employment Application
  • Offer Letter Template / Employment Agreement
  • Position Description Template
  • Disciplinary/Corrective Action Form
  • Performance Evaluation Form  

What you will Receive:

  1. Actionable HR Audit Summary Report that identifies areas that need attention, including non-compliance and best practices, with supporting rationale and suggested strategies to tighten up and correct any issues.  
  2. Professional HR Consultation to review needed practice and procedure changes.

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