Professional Development & Workplace Compliance

Traditional training can be time consuming and expensive.  From course development to scheduling and delivery, it's valuable time your organization just doesn't have.    

Our extensive, online learning library provides the flexibility for training anywhere, any time.  Delivered so that it best meets the needs of your organization, when you need it, 24/7. 

Course features:

  • Interactive.  Case scenarios and knowledge checks throughout.
  • Compliant.  As regulations change, our courses will be updated with changing laws.
  • Knowledge Assessments.   Questions are delivered in a variety of formats and strategically placed throughout to ensure learner understanding.
  • Content Resources.  Learners can download handouts and additional resources are provided when needed.
  • Certificates.  Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive certificates of completion that you can maintain in their HR files.

Types of Courses

Supervisor Training

Managing Workplace Issues

Managing Workplace Issues

Performance Management & Coaching.  


Hiring Legally.  

Interviewing Skills.  

Handling Terminations.  

Harassment Prevention.  

Managing Workplace Issues

Managing Workplace Issues

Managing Workplace Issues

Workplace Harassment.  


Business Ethics.  

Substance Abuse in the Workplace. 

Sexual Harassment. 

Staff Development

Managing Workplace Issues

Workplace Safety, Security & Wellness

Effective Communication Skills.  

Working Across Generations.

Time Management.

Stress Management.

HIPAA Compliance.

Workplace Safety, Security & Wellness

Workplace Safety, Security & Wellness

Workplace Safety, Security & Wellness

Active Shooter Training.  

Basic First Aid.  

Disaster Planning.  

Emergency & Fire Prevention.  

Office Ergonomics.  

Shiftwork Safety.  

Workplace Security. 

HR Administration

Workplace Safety, Security & Wellness

HR Administration

Affordable Care Act.

New-Hire Orientations.

Leave Management.

Recordkeeping & Notice Requirements.

Injury & Illness Recordkeeping.

Strategies for Legally Avoiding Unions.

Complete List of Courses & Descriptions

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