Candidate Pre-Employment Assessments

Would you invest thousands of dollars without a certain level of surety of whether or not the investment will provide a good return? Hopefully not. So, shouldn't you approach investing in the Human Capital of your business in a more comprehensive way?

Hire Smart or Manage Tough.

One takes a lot longer than the other.

A resume and interview can only tell you so much about your next Human Capital investment.  We believe every business should include 4 main components in their staffing process:

1. Well-defined Position Descriptions

2. Intentional Interviewing Techniques

3. Pre-employment Assessments

4. Background & Reference Checks

At Uplevel HR Solutions, we utilize the Berke Assessment to help our clients hire with confidence

Our pre-employment assessment measures personality and problem-solving traits that your business needs. 

Following completion of an assessment, you automatically receive a report that provides clear, actionable guidelines and customized interview questions, to help you make great hiring decisions.  For a quick overview, check out the video below.

Berke Assessment Overview